Thursday, 21 July 2016

Points to learn from writing a scientific report

I have to admit that scientific writing is not an east task. I have to made 2 reports during my master study, one for thesis and another one for internship. I thought, OK its not going to be hard as long as I follow the general rule: introduction, MnM, result and sicussion. However, recently I got such experience telling me how hard it actually is. I have been always rejected for my first draft. The saddest thing is that I used to put a hige effort to come up with the complete 1st draft. Can you imagine how I feel my self so dumb to spent too much time for being rejected? I step back, try to gather positive things as much as possible, and concluded that it is afterall the best time to learn. Learning from mistakes and remember them. Do remember this whenever in the future I come across with another writing. Here are my mistakes which I promise to never ever repeat the same.
1. I am so much confident when I start writing. Thinking that I KNOW what to write. Hey, am I sure how the scientific report should be like? Am I sure I got thecore points of my research? I will remember to ask my seld these questions when I start writing. 
2. Because I was so much confident, I did not even ask my supervisor's vision and just write everything. 
I would be better to ask first what is the systematic format she expected. Perhaps give he a short brainstorming ideas containing only the keypoints, ask her opinion, and then start from there.
By doing this I will save so much time rather than spending writing things that are pointless.
3. I knew writing really takes time, but I did not bear it in my mind.
Once I realize that my report is gonna be long, its gonna be hard, I might have problems with my english, etc. I shall write them down. Start writing as earliest as I can.
4. I was too shy to ask. Writing is easier when I get the idea. When no ide coming, it is extremely hard to start writing. How to get it? ASK!!! Do not ever think that my supervisor will see me as an incapable student, knowing nothing about scientific writing or the project. Better to lower my self in the beginning rather than unconsciously making mistake. 
5. I spent so much time for the Introduction and discussion parts. Well, it is a known problem in writing. However there is a way to escape from it. It is no other than ASKING. I should contact my supervisor when I am lost. I should ask her what exactly I have to write in both parts.
6. Discussion is meant to criticize my own work. Keep in mind, it is going to criticize what I have been done. How my method perform? Did I choose the right method? Will it be different or better if using another method? How is your result? Does it make sense? Is it relevant with the current insight? Do I have a reference to compare with my result? What is the good results I obtain? What is its strenght? How will I recommend my result? What is its weakness? What can be improved? Whats my recommendation for future related studies?
7. Its not a mistake but just a reminder, I shall keep my spirits positive during writing. Worship God, never miss prayer time, take some time to exercise, eat healthily, and do good deeds: smiling and small charity are good too. In this way, I can be sure I am at my best spirit to start writing anytime.

Fighting! Its never late to learn.